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moses.jpgI spent time with a lot of interesting people while researching my book about going to churches for a year. One of my favorites was an Israeli musician named Moses Staimez who played guitar for a Baptist church band. “It makes me feel more spiritual,” he told me at the time of the gospel music he played so well. Occasionally, I like to check in with some of the subjects of my book, so here’s an update: Turns out, Moses has now started his own music school called Atlanta School of Musical Arts that offers in-home music lessons. So if you want to learn from the best, and from one of the most unique musicians I’ve ever met, check him out.

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In my book, I have a chapter called “The Prince and I” which describes the bizarre Thanksgiving I spent with Price Asiel of the Black Hebrews. Well, Prince Asiel was in the news this week, appearing in court over allegations that he lobbied U.S. officials for Zimbabwe. The local NPR affiliate in Chicago, WBEZ, interviewed this morning about my experiences with the group. The audio is below:

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So I decided to cross an item off my bucket list: Perform standup comedy in front of an audience. I found a local comedy club that holds open mic nights. Below is a small audio snippet from the performance. Hope you enjoy...
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I had the privilege of making a special presentation between services at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in downtown Atlanta. It ended up being a 35-minute stand-up comedy routine. Enjoy the audio below:
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PBS has a new special called “God in America” which they are premiering on Monday night. Below is a sneak peek....

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

October 7, 2010 12:10 PM Filed under Misc.
So a Sabbath-observant Jewish contestant on the new season of America’s Got Talent told Tyra Banks on the premiere that she would leave orthodoxy to win the show. Not surprisingly, this caused a stir in the religious blogosphere.

She’s not the first Modern Orthodox contestant to bring drama onto a reality TV show. Read my latest essay for the Huffington Post about the trend.

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My close friend Joseph Skibell (who was one of the first authors to offer me much-needed advice when I started writing “My Jesus Year”) has a new book out called “A Curable Romantic”. In the video below, he explores the book’s themes and talks about the writing process. Enjoy...

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I just wrote a story for the Daily Beast about history’s craziest religions. Enjoy.

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Maybe the “my year doing such and such” fad has jumped the shark. On this morning’s “Today” show, author Hephzibah Anderson talked about her new book about going a year without sex. Video below:

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Jason Jones meets a pastor who teaches mixed martial arts and an evangelist who breaks inanimate objects in the name of Jesus.

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