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Audio: The Busted Halo Show

bhlogo.jpgLast week I had the pleasure of being on the “Busted Halo” show on the Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. I’ve got to admit, it was by far my favorite interview (and by that I mean I didn’t screw up at all). It’s actually a pretty cool show ... picture a morning drive time show with a host and sidekicks (except the host is a priest and one of the sidekicks is a guilt-ridden Jew) and you’ll get the idea. It’s a fun show and I hope they invite me back. In the meantime, below is the audio from the show. Sit back, listen, enjoy, and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Audio: Busted Halo Interview (click on the play button)

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Yes, definitely a great appearance on the show.
You absolutely nailed it!

I will see you Sunday night at your Borders
book signing. Maybe I will bring my friend Meshuganeli.

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I think after Halo Reach, Halo will be rebooted as i think 343 industerys wont want to follow Bungies storys in the Halo universe. It will be thier take on the universe

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